Do You Have Ah Bed Time?

"things to help you sleep" It seems older we get the less likely we are to have a bed time. Adults feel like they don’t need a bedtime and because of this we just stay up all hours of the night laying our mind drift in and out of consciousness coming up with various useless thoughts that keep us awake. If we don’t establish a bedtime than our body doesn’t know exactly when it should shut down because of this we develop insomnia and various other sleep disorders. A simple care for insomnia could be herbal sleep aids but realistically a even more simple cure for insomnia is establishing a bedtime. By establishing a bedtime you set the body on a biological clock, because of this the body knows it needs to sleep at a certain time so therefore by habit it shifts down at a certain time.
Then you establish a wake-up time so it automatically knows you go to sleep at 9:30 and you wake up at 8:30 everyday. Once it becomes a routine the mind is allowed to rest peacefully without having to worry about all these negative thought provoking situations. Because without your sleep there’s no way you’ll be over to get over any of these situations, these situations are solved through dreams. The dreams solve various problems that you went through during the day, even situations that you didn’t necessarily consider a problem. If you’re not getting any sleep then you’re not capable of solving any of these issues and because of that the mind starts to become unstable making it even harder for you to sleep, it’s a conundrum. So the best thing for you to do is establish a time in which you lay down, if you’re a person who likes to stay up late and go to bed at 12 o’clock and wake up at 9:30. Realistically I feel like you should never go to bed the next day by that I mean you shouldn’t go to bed after 12 you should go to bed at 11 or 11:30 it’s better for the body. You should always be concerned about your sleep health a lot of people feel like they sleep too much, because of this they don’t necessarily establish a good bedtime because they go to bed at three and four in the morning. If your going to bed at three and four in the morning your going to sleep more than you would’ve if you went to bed at 10 our 11 o’clock.
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