Sleep affirmations subliminal positive messages

"things to help you sleep"I’m also a firm believer sleep affirmations, this is another thing that I like to indulge in a lot that helps me to relax and go to sleep, it heals my mind while I’m asleep so when I wake up I’m a lot more positive. It actually works a lot better than I thought it would, I’m thinking maybe it’ll have a slight effect on my mental capacity, but actually I really woke up in a positive mood. I think because subconsciously I’m hearing what it’s saying while I’m dreaming, so therefore it’s a combination of lucid dreaming and positive thinking. By combining positive affirmations with lucid dreaming, the mine really starts to pick up on the few of these things and starts to switch to a different frequency, I’m really impressed by how fast the process actually works. After about a week of listening to these positive affirmations, I wake up actually believing them.
First the video will put you into a state of relaxation, after you’re in a state of relaxation then the video will start to tell you to let go of different aspects of your day, then the video starts to pick up and state various positive affirmations. These affirmations go on for about three hours, depending on what video you load up, I usually like to load up a 3 1/2 hour video. I like my videos to be that long so I can make sure that my mind is actually getting the message, there are some videos that are even longer than that they go up all the way to eight hours I believe. That’s probably around the time.That I need so that while I’m sleep I’m getting nothing but positive energy focused towards me. That type of positive energy is hitting my subconscious directly causing me to actually believe the words that are being spoken Through the message, once I start to believe these words subconsciously, consciously I can react to it and pay more efficient way. A lot of the time we received a lot of positive messages but don’t necessarily absorb them simply because, our subconscious is programmer a certain way. if you’re subconscious programs into a negative frequency, it can be very difficult for you to absorb a positive message consciously, so this is a very useful method if you want to know how to get to sleep without using herbal sleep aids or natural sleep aids or sleeping pills.
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