Does Lucid Dreaming solve your problems

"how to get to sleep" I’m a firm believer in dreams solving everyone’s problems, I fill like when a person reaches the state of lucid dreaming the mine is cycling through itself creating problem-solving sequences. Through these different problem-solving sequences, the mind has the ability to heal any issues that you may have been concerned about either previous or current. That’s probably the reason why people that have sleep disorders have so many psychological issues, it’s because they don’t have the time to reach that deep dreaming state in which the mind finds a way to solve the many problems that plague us. I mean when you think about it, there are so many different things that my bug you throughout the day that you don’t even notice really bug you, and because of this you dreams have very sporadic movement to them, they have this movement because they’re solving multiple problems, that’s why it’s very hard to decipher the dream because it doesn’t relate to anything that comes to mind.
Let’s say you got on the bus as soon as he got on you look down and saw something on the ground that slightly discussed you but not enough for you to remember, later on that night during your dream certain situations will come up in which the mind finds a way to ease that tiny amount of stress that you felt when you saw that. This is my theory on dreaming, it’s a huge problem solver for the small insignificant issues that occur in our minds throughout the day, when it tackles big problems it’s a little bit more obvious because the person or the situation that relates to that comes up in the dream. That’s why people refer to certain dreams and say they know how to decipher them simply because they relate to more apparent and important problems. But the majority of your dreams are sporadic and random, this is because they’re solving tiny problems that you went to throughout the day. The small problems can be solved and very tiny increments, you might have over 5000 dreams in one night each dedicated to solving individual issues that you had with something throughout that day. When you go into a deep lucid dreaming state then the mind starts to solve more complex issues such as, extreme stress, anxiety and relationship troubles. Various family issues might come up in this type of dreaming, I feel like it’s best not to try to decipher your dreams I think they already do their job just by you having them subconsciously your mind understands them. Sleeping pills and sleep aids are only necessary for those that have an incredible abundance of stress, if they were resting in the beginning than they wouldn’t need sleep aid’s because that stress would’ve been taken care of through dreaming.
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