Sleep affirmations subliminal positive messages

"things to help you sleep"I’m also a firm believer sleep affirmations, this is another thing that I like to indulge in a lot that helps me to relax and go to sleep, it heals my mind while I’m asleep so when I wake up I’m a lot more positive. It actually works a lot better than I thought it would, I’m thinking maybe it’ll have a slight effect on my mental capacity, but actually I really woke up in a positive mood. I think because subconsciously I’m hearing what it’s saying while I’m dreaming, so therefore it’s a combination of lucid dreaming and positive thinking. By combining positive affirmations with lucid dreaming, the mine really starts to pick up on the few of these things and starts to switch to a different frequency, I’m really impressed by how fast the process actually works. After about a week of listening to these positive affirmations, I wake up actually believing them.

Dream Meditation Training

"cure for insomnia"Using concentration and deep meditation techniques to put yourself to sleep, is definitely a great way to fight different sleep disorders such as insomnia this can be considered one of the natural sleep aids. I’ve been trying this method out for a while now, it seems to have deeply positive effects on the mental state that I’m in right before I want to go to bed. I usually load of the video one of the main YouTube videos that they use for this is by Jody Whiteley she has a huge list of relaxation and dream videos. Once I start playing this audio, the relaxing feel to it starts the help me to drift off into sleep, and because I don’t have to repeat anything because the person is basically repeating everything for me I’m slowly relaxed. Once I get into this deeper relaxed state I naturally start to fall asleep without having to force myself to be tired. I put on one of these videos every night before I go to bed because the deep meditation method definitely is a huge sleep aid.

Does Lucid Dreaming solve your problems

"how to get to sleep" I’m a firm believer in dreams solving everyone’s problems, I fill like when a person reaches the state of lucid dreaming the mine is cycling through itself creating problem-solving sequences. Through these different problem-solving sequences, the mind has the ability to heal any issues that you may have been concerned about either previous or current. That’s probably the reason why people that have sleep disorders have so many psychological issues, it’s because they don’t have the time to reach that deep dreaming state in which the mind finds a way to solve the many problems that plague us. I mean when you think about it, there are so many different things that my bug you throughout the day that you don’t even notice really bug you, and because of this you dreams have very sporadic movement to them, they have this movement because they’re solving multiple problems, that’s why it’s very hard to decipher the dream because it doesn’t relate to anything that comes to mind.
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