Nightmare On Karma Street!

"sleep disorders"If you haven’t been living right and by living right I mean you haven’t been loving people, you haven’t been respecting people, then most likely the backlash that will manifest itself in some way. Most likely it will manifest itself in your dreams turning them from beautiful gorgeous scenery, to an outstandingly frightening nightmare. Once these nightmares started show themselves, they will progress to become more more dangerous. And I mean dangerous to your mental health, simply because your dreams are way up your mind recovering, so if have incurred problems throughout the day that are so horrifying that they actually infiltrate your repairing process you’re in trouble. Obviously you’re going through a horrible situation, or could be something as simple as you saw scary movie therefore you went to bed with hearing your heart.

Let Your Day Die!

"cure for insomnia"Let your day die, by that I mean stop going over everything that happened during the day all through the night. You already lived that day so why do you want to live it twice, let your day die. You’re up all night you have complete and utter insomnia simply because you’re constantly paying attention to the things that happened during your day. Your focus on them extremely, thinking about what you should’ve did and what you didn’t do. Focus on your rest, say to yourself I did all I could do today I can do no more the only thing that I possibly can do is rest my body and correct my mistakes tomorrow. If your body gets no rest you’ll never be capable of correcting your mistakes, if you’re never capable of correcting your mistakes, then you never truly grow and evolve.

Do You Have Ah Bed Time?

"things to help you sleep" It seems older we get the less likely we are to have a bed time. Adults feel like they don’t need a bedtime and because of this we just stay up all hours of the night laying our mind drift in and out of consciousness coming up with various useless thoughts that keep us awake. If we don’t establish a bedtime than our body doesn’t know exactly when it should shut down because of this we develop insomnia and various other sleep disorders. A simple care for insomnia could be herbal sleep aids but realistically a even more simple cure for insomnia is establishing a bedtime. By establishing a bedtime you set the body on a biological clock, because of this the body knows it needs to sleep at a certain time so therefore by habit it shifts down at a certain time.
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