Let Your Day Die!

"cure for insomnia"Let your day die, by that I mean stop going over everything that happened during the day all through the night. You already lived that day so why do you want to live it twice, let your day die. You’re up all night you have complete and utter insomnia simply because you’re constantly paying attention to the things that happened during your day. Your focus on them extremely, thinking about what you should’ve did and what you didn’t do. Focus on your rest, say to yourself I did all I could do today I can do no more the only thing that I possibly can do is rest my body and correct my mistakes tomorrow. If your body gets no rest you’ll never be capable of correcting your mistakes, if you’re never capable of correcting your mistakes, then you never truly grow and evolve.
You remain in a conundrum forever trapped in the same moment because you keep thinking about it all night long letting it keep you up. You have to move forward with life yesterday is yesterday for a reason it was a learning experience, now today we won’t take for granted today we will cherish and treat like our last day on earth. By living by this principle were capable of accomplishing much more in life, if we don’t live by this principle we find it hard to sleep at night because we focus on everything that happened throughout the day or everything that happened throughout the day before yesterday. We must focus on the now, right now it’s time to go to bed, right now it’s time for me to rest my body, right now I deserved sleep regardless of how many times I failed today or how many times I didn’t do what I’m supposed to. By living through this mentality we can go into the next day with a positive mind frame and focus on exactly what it is that we need to do to get forward. I like to call this forward thinking, when you think forward you always move forward and when you think backwards you always move backwards. That’s a huge lesson right there listen to that phrase, when you think forward you move forward, when you think backwards you move backwards, there’s never been a more truer statement. Have a positive outlook on the future and embrace the past but don’t let it define you, don’t even give it a second thought our you will never actually move forward in life. Sleep disorders wont exist in life if you erase that level of stress you won’t require sleeping aids like sleeping pills and you will get the best otc sleep aid possible it’s called forward thinking.
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