Nightmare On Karma Street!

"sleep disorders"If you haven’t been living right and by living right I mean you haven’t been loving people, you haven’t been respecting people, then most likely the backlash that will manifest itself in some way. Most likely it will manifest itself in your dreams turning them from beautiful gorgeous scenery, to an outstandingly frightening nightmare. Once these nightmares started show themselves, they will progress to become more more dangerous. And I mean dangerous to your mental health, simply because your dreams are way up your mind recovering, so if have incurred problems throughout the day that are so horrifying that they actually infiltrate your repairing process you’re in trouble. Obviously you’re going through a horrible situation, or could be something as simple as you saw scary movie therefore you went to bed with hearing your heart.
But often times it refers to the theaters of our social neighbors, and by social neighbors I mean the people that we associate with on a daily basis. We might feel like we’ve wronged them in some sort of way and that’s because we have. We haven’t necessarily been the best friend, we haven’t really been there for them through any situation, when they need financial help we never lend a cent. Because of this karma finds a way to get back at us for the wrongs that we’ve committed, and the best way to do that is through your dreams. When you attack a person dreams you can truly break them down from the inside, is like inception on steroids. Once the fear reaches the subconscious and stays there, every time you go to sleep you have nightmares about your friends abandoning you or calling you out on your bull. It’s amazing how were not really capable of realizing something as simple as being a bad person, and if you do realize they were being a bad person, because your up and everyone else is down you feel you must be right. That kind of logic is twisted it’s the reason why the majority of the rich never really help the poor, they feel there up because you’re down, so why lift you up, so you can knock them down, this is their logic. This whole concept of dog eat dog is exactly what makes a person evil and evil just another form of extreme miserable depression, no one evil is truly happy it’s impossible for evil people to be happy. These types of people develop all different kinds of sleep disorders, they require prescription sleep aids an herbal sleep aids every night.
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