Dream Meditation Training

"cure for insomnia"Using concentration and deep meditation techniques to put yourself to sleep, is definitely a great way to fight different sleep disorders such as insomnia this can be considered one of the natural sleep aids. I’ve been trying this method out for a while now, it seems to have deeply positive effects on the mental state that I’m in right before I want to go to bed. I usually load of the video one of the main YouTube videos that they use for this is by Jody Whiteley she has a huge list of relaxation and dream videos. Once I start playing this audio, the relaxing feel to it starts the help me to drift off into sleep, and because I don’t have to repeat anything because the person is basically repeating everything for me I’m slowly relaxed. Once I get into this deeper relaxed state I naturally start to fall asleep without having to force myself to be tired. I put on one of these videos every night before I go to bed because the deep meditation method definitely is a huge sleep aid.
When I start to play this audio I hear her soft and very inviting voice and it picks me and even more relaxed state, it helps me to clear my mind slowly and once my mind is clear I start to fall sleep naturally. That’s the number one problem with people that cant go to sleep, they just can’t clear their minds because of this they are not able to relax and fall into a deep sleep. Sleep meditation therapy releases all the negative thoughts that you’ve accumulated throughout the day so you can relax feel good and heavy and fall into a nice comfortable sleep. I’m a firm believer in its power because I witnessed it for myself, I just tried this technique out on brother who is an extreme insomniac. My brother couldn’t go to sleep if his life depended on it, his average bedtime is five o’clock in the morning. I put the earphones on him, let him lay down and relax, he fell asleep within 30 min, at that point I realized that this meditation has some sort of merit to it. By constantly doing this on a regular basis you start to program your mind to have some sort of and internal sleep clock, when you developed this you give yourself a bed time without sleeping pills our prescription sleep aids it’s truly a natural cure for insomnia.
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